Looking Back – Collection 2014

After 33 years as a doll maker I felt I had to look back at past collections.
As I was turning the pages of the old catalogs and looking at those little characters from the past I thought it would be fun to redesign some of the dolls that I was looking at.
This is why my new collection consists of dolls that have already been part
of past collections. It should be a retrospective for you and me into past years. A back sight that intends to show you how different a little character can be with a different painting, another hairdo, changing the eye color and clothing style.
In my collection of 2009 Mia, Lea and Inka were the first dolls in the size of 32” in the meantime many more have joined the family. This year I have added jointed knees as a special treat that makes the big dolls so much
more movable and they can sit down now. I enjoyed very much changing appearance and charisma of the dolls with a few tricks. A romantic look
might have turned into a fresh one and sneakers and booties, woolen hats and shawls let them look like real children.
I hope the journey into the dolly past and what I created from it will be
as enjoyable for you as it is for me.

Heidi Plusczok




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Heidi received Lifetime Award

In April 2013 Heidi received at IDEX in Orlando the Lifetime Award
from the DOLLS Magazine.

Movie "Making of Little Characters"

Shows a peek over Heidi´s shoulder when making a new Doll
smaller version 7 MB, wmf file
bigger version 34 MB, mpg file

Download for catalogue

as PDF-File. Just click on the
picture. The new catalogue for
the doll collection 2014.